AASHTO releases annual Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation

The survey shows that state DOTs spent $19.04 billion in overall transit funding

May 13, 2019
state funding for public transportation

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Council on Public Transportation recently published its 37th annual Survey of State Funding of Public Transportation, which offers a snap shot of state-by-state investments in public transit.

The survey chronicles how state DOTs support public transit operations and capital projects while advancing public transportation options in urban, small urban, and rural communities.

According to an AASHTO release, the survey, based on fiscal year 2017 data, shows that state DOTs spent $19.04 billion in overall transit funding, while federal funds totaled $11.88 billion.

Furthermore, 25 states plus the District of Columbia increased their public transit funding in FY 2017 by a total of $1.1 billion over FY 2016 levels.

Finally, the survey found that the national state-federal transit partnership “remains strong,” with federal funds accounting for more than 50% of the total transit funding in 36 states while state funding exceeded federal funding in 15 states.


Source: AASHTO