Alert system aids traffic management through I-15 bridge project in Arizona

A queue warning system that includes portable message boards will inform drivers of upcoming stop-and-go traffic

September 05, 2019
queue warning system

The Arizona DOT is using a first-of-its-kind alert system to help reduce emergency braking and collisions along I-15 in the Virgin River Gorge in order to enhance safety and manage traffic through a bridge improvement project in the area.

With I-15 reduced to one lane in each direction during construction, traffic begins to queue during peak travel times and holidays. A queue warning system that includes portable message boards informs drivers of stop-and-go traffic ahead using equipment that detects traffic in real time. 

With advance notice, drivers can anticipate heavy traffic, slow down, and avoid erratic behavior, helping reduce collisions in the queue. While this is the first time the system has been used on an ADOT project, going forward the agency intends to use it on projects creating similar traffic conditions.

The $6.4 million bridge improvement project is resurfacing two bridges on I-15, while another bridge is receiving a new deck. The project is scheduled to wrap up in Spring 2020