Indiana Toll Road sees 30% reduction in traffic incidents

The company operating the tollway deployed new tech to provide real-time updates on traffic patterns

July 18, 2019
Indiana Toll Road sees 30% reduction in traffic incidents
Indiana Toll Road sees 30% reduction in traffic incidents

The Indiana Toll Road Concession Company (ITRCC) deployed a software-driven intelligent transportation system network from Extreme Networks, which uses Smart OmniEdge technology to provide real-time updates on traffic patterns, enabling safer, more coordinated use of the roadway. The result has been a 30% reduction in recorded traffic incidents.


The technology is also helping the ITRCC to lay a foundation for the deployment of advanced transportation technology, such as digital speed limit signs that adjust based on weather conditions, wrong-way driver detection, and smart truck parking systems.


The Indiana Toll Road spans 157 miles and is serviced by 22 toll plazas, five maintenance barns, and two administration buildings. The network is comprised of more than 500 IP-connected phones, 300 IP-connected cameras, and 150 automated video signs, which have very quickly become critical to maintaining operations, guiding motorists, and keeping roadways safe.


In taking advantage of the benefits offered by Extreme’s technology, the ITRCC can now better identify and resolve bottlenecks, ensure greater operational efficiency, and simplify network management.


The applied system offers the following benefits:

  • Greater uptime and a scalable network that offers continuous connectivity to power a diverse range of critical connected devices, in-house applications, and software management systems.

  • Granular visibility and end-to-end control of connected devices across the network, which provides the means to monitor all devices and applications that operate across the network in order to protect valuable customer data and reduce security vulnerabilities.

  • The streamlined management means the IT team can focus on higher-level strategy and take on more innovative programs.


"Our core mission is ensuring a safe travel experience for our community. We don’t want to have to worry about networking and device management, and [now] we don’t have to,” said Juan Ignacio Gomez, ITRCC chief information officer.