Maryland DOT SHA wins three awards for traffic safety campaigns

Winning campaigns aimed at protecting motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and highway workers

June 08, 2020
traffic safety campaigns

The Maryland DOT State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) has received three Communicator Awards for marketing campaigns to ensure traffic safety on the state's roads and highways.

“Public education is a key part of what we do, because we want everyone to be aware of the pedestrians, bicyclists, and construction workers who use our roadways along with motorists,” MDOT SHA Acting Administrator Tim Smith said in a statement. “We are deploying the latest technology, multimedia, and social media platforms to convey safety messages as a public service. It is an honor to receive this recognition.”

MDOT SHA received the “2020 Communicator Award for Excellence” in the category of “Individual-Public Service for Online Video” for a video encouraging young people to put down their phones and not text and drive.

The winning video depicts teenagers using their cell phones in preposterous situations—while accepting diplomas, while performing ballet, and practicing football—and asks that they apply lessons learned and not use their cell phones behind the wheels of their cars.

MDOT SHA also won two “2020 Communicator Awards of Distinction,” for its bicycle safety campaign aimed at bicyclists and motorists, and for a campaign to protect workers from being injured by drivers at highway work zones.


SOURCE: Maryland DOT State Highway Administration