Microtransit pilot program launches in central Ohio

The mobility option will offer customers with point-to-point service at an affordable fare

July 19, 2019

The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) recently launched COTA Plus, an on-demand microtransit service that will provide first/last mile service in partnership with Grove City.

The mobility option will operate as a one-year pilot and will offer customers with point-to-point service at an affordable fare, and connect COTA riders to fixed route service for free.

COTA Plus is an on-demand, app-based ride-share service that can book multiple passengers heading in the same direction into a shared vehicle. Referred to in the industry as microtransit on-demand, COTA Plus operates either as a point-to-point ride-share service or as a connection to or from a COTA bus line. Customers can book trips on their smartphone through the COTA Plus app.

COTA Plus is a partnership between Grove City and COTA, with the option to expand service in the future, as needed. According to COTA, Grove City is an ideal location for this pilot project because of its expanding community. The defined zone will connect fixed-route riders to the Southpark Industrial Park, the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and the new Mount Carmel Grove City Hospital.


NEWS SOURCE: Central Ohio Transit Authority

IMAGE: @COTABus on Twitter