Mobility service provider launches emergency mobilization on-demand during COVID-19

The new shared transit solution is designed to help get essential workers to their destination

April 06, 2020
mobility services

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) provider Moovit recently announced the launch of its Emergency Mobilization On-Demand service, created for transit agencies and enterprises during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moovit says its new technology transforms vehicle fleets into an on-demand service to get critical workers to their destination without putting their health or others’ health at risk. The new solution has already been implemented in a number of cities by large corporations to shuttle employees safely to work.

Moovit launched its Emergency Mobilization On-Demand service to provide both transit agencies and operators, and large corporations, with a transportation solution that is adaptable to fast-changing needs. In just a few days, Moovit’s technology converts unused fleets into an on-demand transit service for key workers, while adhering to local health officials' regulations. The company says the platform is customizable and quickly adaptable to the specific needs of any transit agency, municipality, or enterprise.

Riders, using Moovit’s iOS or Android app, or transit agency app powered by Moovit, can easily request an on-demand or pre-scheduled ride, as well as select a pickup/dropoff location. Moovit says its advanced algorithms will enable multiple riders to seamlessly share the ride, with a dynamic route and schedule.


SOURCE: Moovit