Pittsburgh launches 2070 Transportation Vision Plan to improve mobility

The goal is to develop an extensive plan for a complete and connected network prepared to support a growing city

July 30, 2019
Pittsburgh 2070 Transportation Vision Plan

The city of Pittsburgh recently announced the launch of its 2070 Transportation Vision Plan through its Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), an initiative to enhance and improve mobility, transportation, and access for all who travel within the city.

The objective of the 50-year plan is to identify where and how people need and want to travel in the city. The DOMI says it wants to develop an ambitious and extensive plan for a complete and connected network prepared to support a growing Pittsburgh.

"As we look towards the future, we must consider that congestion will continue ... in 2070 as did in 2010, especially if we add population as anticipated," the plan states. 

The plan would help identify a strategic two-year action agenda to direct the department's activities in order to make progress toward the implementation of the larger plan.

The DOMI is asking to hear from residents and city travelers for input as they consider the transportation improvement priorities within the vision plan. Pittsburgh residents are being asked to consider how transportation, mobility, and access can be improved in the city and larger region. "This could be manifested in the form of restored streetcar transit, reemphasis on bicycling and walking, gondolas (aerial trams) where once there were inclines, and water taxis, among others," the plan states.

DOMI says that the development of the transportation plan connects to other ongoing citywide initiatives the department has rolled out. This includes a pedestrian safety action plan, a bike plan, and complete streets design guidelines, all of which contribute to helping the city put pedestrians, bikers, and transit riders on equal footing with motorists.


NEWS & IMAGE SOURCE: City of Pittsburgh