Sen. Klobuchar, 2020 candidate, unveils major infrastructure plan

The Democratic presidential hopeful is proposing a $1 trillion-dollar plan to invest in America's infrastructure

March 28, 2019
road, bridge infrastructure funding proposal

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, who is making a run as a Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 race, today released a trillion-dollar proposal to help rebuild the nation's roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects.

According to the details of the plan from her campaign, Klobuchar intends to make the infrastructure proposal her top budget priority if she were elected, saying she would work to get it done within the first year of her presidency.

The statement from the campaign notes Klobuchar's track record with working on important infrastructure projects, citing the senator's work to obtain the funding needed to rebuild the collapsed I-35W bridge in her state. 

The plan focuses on several aspects of infrastructure investment. This includes repairing and replacing roads, bridges and highways, as well as expanding reliable transit options and updating rail infrastructure. The proposal also touches on waterway infrastructure, airports, schools, housing, green infrastructure and the expansion of Internet access.

Some of the proposed strategies for boosting infrastructure investment from Senator Klobuchar include committing $650 billion in federal funding for infrastructure projects; helping states and localities leverage private funding with the establishment of an independent, nonpartisan Infrastructure Financing Authority to complement existing infrastructure funding; issuing "Move America" and "Build America" bonds to finance public infrastructure projects; ensuring revenues collected for infrastructure maintenance are used for that purpose; and paying for infrastructure proposals with corporate tax reforms. 


Source: Amy for America