UPDATE: Lane markings on Georgia interstate to improve testing of autonomous vehicles

Interstate lanes were marked with 3M’s Connected Roads All Weather Elements striping technology

January 09, 2020
roadway lane striping

The Georgia DOT has deployed the next-gen lane-striping technology along the stretch of I-85. The aim of this new lane striping is to make roadways safer for drivers and to accommodate advanced driving systems technology. 3M’s Connected Roads All Weather Elements striping is currently in use on the interstate, with the tiny reflective beads embedded into the striping making the roadway more visible to human drivers and cars equipped with ADS.  

Original post from December 16, 2019:

The Georgia DOT (GDOT) recently announced that 13 miles of lanes on I-85—on the stretch of the interstate known as "The Ray"—are now marked with lane-striping technology designed to accommodate self-driving vehicle testing.

The announcement follows recent repaving of that stretch of the interstate, which has become a national proving ground for transportation technology and innovation.

The lanes along The Ray were marked with 3M’s Connected Roads All Weather Elements striping technology. This tech provides visibility during daytime, nighttime, and in dry or wet weather conditions—and is made possible with unique 2.4 (wet) and 1.9 (dry) refractive index bead technology.

“The installation of this new technology enhancing pavement marking visibility is a perfect example of Georgia DOT’s and The Ray’s mutual commitment, with the assistance of 3M, to create an innovative, safer and more sustainable highway," GDOT Commissioner Russell R. McMurry, P.E., said in a statement.

This installation is the latest in a series of smart technologies installed on The Ray in 2019. “This is striping that supports autonomous vehicles with machine vision systems—day, night, rain, or shine,” Harriet Langford, president and founder of The Ray, said in a statement. “Our goal, which we share with Georgia DOT, is to build a safe ecosystem, on a public interstate, that can accommodate advanced vehicle testing, and 3M is a critical step in that direction.”

The public-private partnership between Georgia DOT, 3M and The Ray will continue in 2020 as 3M delivers additional road infrastructure and safety products as part of the growing area of enhanced technology for pavement markings and other roadway infrastructure.